Dedicated Bitcoin Mining Servers in South Africa for Profit, Revenue and good returns Dedicated Bitcoin Mining Servers

On Dedicated Bitcoin Mining you can forget about the complicated set up and maintenance of a mining server, we take care of all that. You are purely mining online, there are no loud servers in your home that need a lot of space and intense cooling; all with our SiveHost's support. We only maintain the bare hardware, electricity and network availability. An ideal solution for those with do not want to deal with noise in their homes.

A Dedicated Bitcoin Mining server is not just a server, it's everything you need to maximize and optimise the Bitcoin mining experience for yourself and your pocket.

Bitcoin Mining Features:

Lifetime Bitcoin Mining Plans*

99% uptime, No Loud Noises

Data centre Cooling, Hardware Support

R1.89 per kWh (this includes cooling)

You start mining within 15 days

Rig Plan Hash Rate Investor Price Period Click here to
Secured Dedicated Server Gold 1050GH/s Amateur R5105 Lifetime* Order Now
Quality Dedicated Server Platinum 2050GH/s Professional R9137 Lifetime* Order Now
High Performance Dedicated Server Rhodium 10500GH/s Expert R42942 Lifetime* Order Now Bitcoin Servers:

A Dedicated Bitcoin Mining Server is more than just a server, it is a solution designed to take you to the next level. Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 15 days of purchase.

Having a dedicated Bitcoin mining server will provide you with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a home setup mining environment.

Plan Hash Rate Investor Price Period Setup Order
Gold 1 050 GH/s Amateur R5 105 Once-Off Lifetime* Free Order Now
Platinum 2 050 GH/s Professional R9 137 Once-Off Lifetime* Free Order Now
Rhodium 4 000 GH/s Expert R42 942 Once-Off Lifetime* Free Order Now

*A Lifetime plan will be kept active for as long as the plan is profitable to Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd., a small maintenance fee is deducted. Please read our terms of service for details.