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The download library has all the manuals, programs and other files that you may need to get your website up and running.


Editables (2)
These are materials to be sent and filled in by clients
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These are all the Joomla Templates and Modules
Mobile Apps (1)
These are all Mobile Apps you can download from Sive
PDF (5)
These are all the PDF documents that are provided to clients as guidelines to sive clients
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These are all the Vtiger related downloads
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These are all the Wordpress related plugins and themes

Most Popular Downloads

Sive SMS
SMS Module for WHMCS
Filesize: 218 kB
How To Open A Ticket
How To Open A Support Ticket on
Filesize: 2.46 MB
DNS Editor
Simple and Advanced DNS Editor
Filesize: 558 kB
Support Ticket
Detailed information on how to create a Support Ticket
Filesize: 1.12 MB
Learn The Secrets to Automated Web Hosting
This is the first part of the E-Book Web Designers need to learn the secrets of automated web hosting
Filesize: 1.11 MB