Group Hosting that is easy to sell to your clients without too much admin

How Does Group Hosting Work?

Group Hosting is the future of shared hosting for web developers in the web hosting industry

SiveHost partners with web designers and web developers to close the gap between them and their clients and saving them time. How? … you may wonder. Easy!!!
A web designer spends most of his time playing the mediator between the hosting provider and his client. For an example, the web designer receives an invoice from the hosting provider, and she needs to redo the invoice to put his own logo, banking details and mark-up to this new invoice.
Shared Hosting in the Web Hosting industry

Luckily SiveHost says...

Let’s get rid of this middle-man, get them to design more nice looking websites and give the middle-man her recurring mark-up!. How? …. you wonder.

SiveHost sets you up with an innovative solution that is currently disrupting the Web Hosting market. It is simple and very elegant, even web designers can use it!. SiveHost gives you an online system that will send your invoices to all your clients as a web designer for web hosting, when SiveHost sends you the invoice due on the plan your client is on with us. Two unique invoices shoot out at once. One to you, with SiveHost banking details and logo. The other one to your client, with your (Web Designer) banking details, logo and mark-up to your client. It’s magical; it removes you as the bottleneck stopping the growth of your business, gets you more time on your hands for web designing and gives you your well deserved mark-up!

Group Hosting future of Shared Hosting in web hosting

Wondering how? It’s easy, what we will need from you when you register an account with us:
  1. Your name
  2. Banking details,
  3. Company name,
  4. Email address,
  5. Physical address,
  6. Phone Number,
  7. Logo,
  8. Signature,
  9. And Mark-up per order.

What you will need from your client per order:
  1. Their name
  2. Their Company name,
  3. Email address,
  4. Phone Number,
  5. Physical address,
  6. Phone Number,
  7. Hosting Plan.

So when your client receives this invoice, it will look like its coming straight from you. And very well it will be.
Shared Hosting with automated invoices to your clients

If this doesn’t sound like an awesome way of making money and saving time, you will never know what is!
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