What is Managed Dedicated hosting?

Managed Dedicated Hosting server is when a client has an entire web server specifically dedicated to their needs. For sites requiring more resources than shared Web Hosting can provide, a dedicated server is a suitable option.

SvieHost makes a Server available to the Customer for their own exclusive use, however the Server will at all times remain the property of SiveHost. You can put all your websites on this one server without having to pay hosting fees for each site added.


  • Our Managed Dedicated server is an exact replica of the web server employed for SiveHost shared web hosting accounts and their build is standard (we will not deviate from our standard hardware and software setup).
  • The Operating System is Centos 7 – should you require different hardware or software configurations, please consider our Dedicated Hosting server options.
  • With this solution, clients are provided with a web-based administration system for the creation and configuration of hosting accounts on the server. SiveHost is responsible for the hardware, software and security maintenance of your server and therefore root access is not available on this hosting plan.

Recommended for:

  • This solution is ideal as a high end web server, for email and collaboration, to host a development project or for any task where you need a server’s full resources.
  • We recommend it for customers who would like to leave all their server worries in the hands of SiveHost's reliable and competent engineers.
  • SiveHost will handle all monitoring, management and maintenance for you.

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