About SiveHost.com


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About SiveHost.com

SiveHost.com is a South African cloud computing company, that offers dedicated servers and other web services. SiveHost.com belongs to Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd., a privately held company. The company was founded in 2010 by S'bu Khoza, and is headquartered in the capital city of the Republic of South Africa, Tshwane.

The company is operating from one datacenter in Johannesburg housing around an impressive number of machines, which are home to both web applications and domain names for clients in the United States of America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The company offers localised services (such as customer service offices) in Africa.

Why choose SiveHost.com

Innovative products and services, our own customised dedicated servers, continuous R&D, experts that are passionate about customer service, transparent prices. All our services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features. The only Web Hosting company offering WhatsApp support to its clients; The right partner in hosting.

Custom Dedicated ServersSiveHost.com has been customising, designing, managing and maintaining its own dedicated servers to suit client requirements since 2016. This in-house expertise enables SiveHost.com to prioritise the quality of its machines and to offer customers competitive prices.

SecurityPrioritising the highest level of security is top priority at SiveHost.com. This makes sure your mind as a client is always at peace.

ComponentsSiveHost.com carefully selects each server components, prioritising high quality services and machines, which are both flexible and reliable.

Technical PartnersIn terms of servers, software, network and even electricity, SiveHost.com works in close collaboration with world-leading technical partners.

Customer References9 out of 10 clients using SiveHost.com services are happy with SiveHost.com as per last customer survey done.

Most Helpful Humans in HostingSiveHost.com has chosen to provide in-house technical, billing and sales support to better understand the needs of its customers and improve quality of customer relationship. The only Hosting company with WhatsApp Support; the right partner in hosting

R&D team and operationsFrom R&D to deployment and operation, the SiveHost.com infrastructures and services are fully managed by internal teams of experts.

CareersFrom business development analysts, administrators of systems to developers, technical support engineers and many other profiles, SiveHost.com recruits throughout the year to support the growth of the company.