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Transfer Form & Tickets Explained

In order to transfer your account's content to SiveHost, we will need the information outlined below, which you enter into our secure online form here.  The online form creates a ticket with a tracking ID (ticket number).

Basic Information Needed

This is some of the information we may request for all transfers, in order to fulfill your content transfer request.  Most of these are asked for on our transfer form. Although each of the form is a bit long, we still need the same basic information.

You may need to contact your old host or look through your emails to obtain or find some of this information.

Your Email:

It is recommended that you use the same email address you used when signing up for SiveHost Email and web hosting.  This will automatically associate your transfers ticket with your SiveHost hosting account, which will make it appear in your SiveHost client area for future reference.

Old Hosting Account IP / Hostname:

The server at your old web host has an IP address and hostname.  Typically this was given to you when you signed up with your old host.

If your domain name still points to your old web host, you can enter your domain name, since we can figure out what the IP address is from that.  If you already changed your DNS and pointed the domain to us (or elsewhere), we would need the old host server's IP address or hostname to locate your old site, however.

Old Hosting Account Domain:

The domain name associated with your old hosting account.

Old Hosting Provider Name:

We may ask who your previous host company is to help us locate your old hosting account and transfer your site.

Old Hosting Account Control Panel username:

Most web hosting accounts have a web based control panel that you can login to.  We would need the username you use to access this control panel. We need this information to be able to transfer your database and other items.

Old Hosting Account Control Panel password:

The password you use to login to your old host's control panel.

Old Hosting Account Control Panel URL:

To login to your old host's control panel, you have to go to a specific web address (URL).  Please provide us the URL you use to access your control panel.  (This is usually not the same as your old web host's home page, unless you can login directly from there.)

Old Hosting Account FTP server/IP:

The IP address or hostname that you would use to connect to your old hosting account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We need FTP access to transfer your files.

Old Hosting Account FTP username:
Old Hosting Account FTP password:

The username and password for your FTP account. For some web hosts this is the same as your control panel username and password, but not always.  If your old host uses cPanel, then it would be the same, but for others it may not be.

SiveHost Related info:

New Hosting Account Primary Domain:

The domain name you specified when you signed up for SiveHost web hosting (or the primary domain currently associated with your account, if you changed it since then).

New Hosting Account FTP / cPanel / WHM username:
New Hosting Account FTP / cPanel / WHM password:

The current control panel username and password on your account.  Unless you changed it, it would be the same as the username and password we emailed you when you first signed up for the account.  If you have forgotten it, you can contact us via live chat or open a support ticket and we can email it to you again.

The transfer form asks for "FTP username and password."    This would be the same as your cPanel login information for shared & reseller hosting.


Additional Information We Ask


If your account has unique information not mentioned in the form, please include it in the instructions section. For example, some web hosts have separate login information for your database. We may need this information to transfer your account.

Also, if you have specific instructions on how you want things transferred, please provide the details on this part of the form.  (If your instructions involve changes not included in our free transfer offer, we will provide a quote for performing those additional changes. Full details here.)


Do you have an SSL Certificate?

If you have an SSL certificate, be sure to tell us so that we can transfer it as well. If you do not mention it, we may not realize you have one, and not transfer it.

If yes, what domain is the SSL for?:

We will need to know the domain name(s) associated with the SSL certificate.


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