Transferability from Common Hosts


For Transfers to SiveHost StartUp, GoBig and GoHuge hosting plans.

Here are some of the hosts we can migrate (transfer) your content from.  Because different hosts have different structures, we may not be able to transfer all of the content from your old host.  For example, we often can transfer the website itself, but not always the email.  This chart below helps identify what can be transferred for common hosts.


Transferable This column indicates whether we can transfer your website content or not, and if so, whether a proprietary system prevents us from transferring everything.
Full Backup This column indicates whether or not we can make a full cPanel backup of your old hosting account, and using that to transfer your content.  This method of transferring your content transfers the most items.
Email This column indicates whether we can transfer your email during the transfer process, and if not, whether it might be possible to transfer it afterwards.


TransferableFull BackupEmail
Yes This host's main plans should be transferable (please note that some hosts continue to add proprietary methods which can not be transferred). If your account meets the requirements (under 4GB and has enough free space) we should be able to create a backup. If your old host supports cpbackup-excludes and is over 4GB we can create a backup as well, and will have to manually download the files. We should be able to obtain your emails during the transfer process, however these are not guaranteed.
Optional This host provides a proprietary method to obtain content. Not all content is transferable. Proprietary services, we are only able to use their proprietary backups to obtain content. Not all content may be available.

We are unable to obtain emails during the transfer process for these types of account. It may be possible to move the mail afterward usingFetchmail

No We are not able to complete a full backup. Due to this, we are only able to download website content and databases.
No This host's plan does not provide transferable content. This host's plan does not provide transferable content. This provider does not support any known email format.


HostPanelTransferableFull BackupTransfer Email non-cPanel cPanel
Blogger / Blogspot non-cPanel
BlueHost cPanel
Cloud Access non-cPanel
DreamHost non-cPanel
GoDaddy non-cPanel
GoDaddy cPanel
GoDaddy Website Tonight non-cPanel
Google Sites non-cPanel
Homestead non-cPanel
HostGator cPanel
HostGator non-cPanel
HostMonster cPanel
HostNine cPanel
InMotion cPanel
Intuit non-cPanel
iPage non-cPanel
IXwebhosting non-cPanel
JustHost cPanel
LiquidWeb cPanel
LiquidWeb non-cPanel
MediaTemple non-cPanel
Network Solutions non-cPanel
NetFirms non-cPanel
Microsoft Office Live Small Business / Office 365 non-cPanel
Rackspace non-cPanel
Site5 cPanel non-cPanel
Spry cPanel
VistaPrint non-cPanel non-cPanel
Website Tonight non-cPanel
Weebly non-cPanel
Wix non-cPanel non-cPanel
Yahoo! non-cPanel

This is not a compete list of hosts we can transfer content from.  We are able to transfer from most web hosts. If you have questions about transfers, please submit a ticket and we can assist you.

Sites We Cannot Transfer

We cannot transfer from hosts that do not allow access to your website files (typically by FTP) and/or databases and/or the data in those databases. Without access, we cannot copy and transfer your site.


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