Transferring Email from non-cPanel Web Hosts


We typically are able to transfer emails from your old web host if your new account has cPanel and so does your old web hosting account.

Unfortunately if your old web host does not have cPanel and are unable to perform the transfer as a Full cPanel Backup, we would be unable to transfer (copy) your email from your old host as part of the transfer process.

It still may be possible to transfer your mail using FetchMail, although this is not guaranteed to work, since some hosts block FetchMail or it may not be compatible with your host.

Recently Transferred Your Account?

If you recently requested a transfer, and your old host does not use cPanel, we can look into the possibility of transferring the email for you.

If you would like us to see if it is possible, please provide us with the following information for each email account:

  • Email address
  • Email password
  • Email username
  • The IP address of your IMAP server.  If you have not updated the nameservers, we might be able to use the name of your IMAP server.
Create a support ticket  and we would be glad to assist you.

Transferring Your Email Using FetchMail

The email accounts will need to be recreated by you under the new cPanel account.  However, an alternative solution can be found for transferring your emails through the use of a "Fetch Mail" option through your new SiveHost Horde Webmail client.  The instructions for using this feature are provided below.

Create folders within Horde for each Fetch Mail account. This way, you can have Fetched email delivered to separate folders for organization.

  1. Login to Horde (if you are not already logged in)
  2. Click MAIL on the left side of the screen
  3. Click FOLDERS on the top part of the screen
  4. From the drop-down menu, select "Create Folder"
  5. Enter a name for the folder. For example, if you are going to fetch email from the account,, you might name this folder, Example.
  6. Repeat from Step 4 above for each folder you would like to add
  7. Continue on to next sections below

To setup Fetch Mail accounts:

  1. Login to Horde (if you are not already logged in)
  2. Click MAIL on the left side of the screen
  3. Click OPTIONS on the upper-right side of the screen
  4. Click FETCH MAIL beneath Message Options
  5. Click the link, "Edit your preferences for accessing other mail accounts"
  6. Select an account from the drop-down menu or click "Create a New Account"
  7. Select "IMAP/POP3 Mail Servers" from the drop-down menu.
  8. Fill out the Form:
    • Account's name: (This can be anything you'd like to enter)
      Protocol: change to IMAP
    • Username: full email address you want to Fetch mail from (
    • Password: The password for the email address you are checking
    • Server: (This can be set to 'localhost' if the email account is on the same server)
    • Remote Mailbox: Inbox (for Sent, sometimes the Remote Mailbox needs to be Inbox.Sent)
    • Local Mailbox: Inbox (or choose one of the folders you created in the 1st section of this tutorial)
    • Check the first 2 boxes, "Get only new messages" and "Mark messages as seen"
  9. Click SAVE.

To Fetch mail from accounts you have setup:

(Warning! if you have many email accounts setup to be Fetched and there are many emails in each inbox, the Fetch operation may take some time to retrieve email)

  1. Login to Horde (if you are not already logged in)
  2. Click MAIL from the left-hand side of the screen or the MAIL button near the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Click the FETCH MAIL button at the top of the screen
  4. Select the account(s) you want to check
  5. Click FETCH MAIL

Another possible way to transfer your mail would be to configure an email client such as Outlook Express to connect to both the old and new mail servers using IMAP.

First you would want to re-create the email boxes for your SiveHost account in cPanel.

Then you would want to configure your email client to connect to SiveHost using IMAP (without removing the settings to read mail from your old host).  While this next tutorial specifically shows how to configure Outlook Express using POP3, it still may be helpful because it talks a bit about IMAP and the differences between POP3 and IMAP.  The procedure for configuring Outlook Express for one is very similar to the procedure for configuring the other:

After your mail client is configured for both SiveHost mail and your old host, you can highlight the messages from your old account as needed, then drag them to your new account.  To highlight multiple messages, click on the top message, then hold down the [Shift] key and click on the bottom message. Every message in between will be selected as well.  If you want to select multiple individual messages, hold down the [Control] key while selecting messages.  When dragging messages to your new mailbox, hold down the [Control] key to copy messages instead of moving them.  Please note that with this method, the messages may be marked as deleted at the old host when you move them.


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